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FAQ About Wood

I didn't realise how much there was to learn about wood when I first started turning but in fact there are an incredible number of species of trees yielding wood with varying properties.

When I was younger I always thought of wood being brown but in fact some species are amazing colours. For example the heartwood from Ebony is black, the wood from Padauk is a very bright red, the wood from Pau Amarelo is yellow and Purpleheart, as the name suggests, is purple. By using a combination of different species of wood in my work I can often achieve a multi-coloured relatively vibrant piece without having to dye any of the wood.

I'm still learning new things about wood and the different species there are but I have compiled a list of the most common questions I get asked.


Safety Warning

Turning can be dangerous. I expect you to be fully aware of the potential dangers and to take adequate precautions. If you follow any of the advice I have given you do so entirely at your own risk and I cannot be held responsible for any injuries or mishaps that may occur.



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