Yvonne Arlott

Woodturning Artist

Artistic Woodturning Gallery

Yvonne’s experience and skill enables her to create a wide range of artistic woodturning but she has become best known for her more intricate works of art that often combine the techniques of woodturning and carving. Yvonne carefully selects the wood she feels will compliment and add to the design best and her work features a variety of wood ranging from exotic species such as Ebony and Imbuya to home grown timbers such as Sycamore, Rhododendron and Willow.

A small selection of artistic work and other woodturning by Yvonne can be viewed below. Please click on the name of the item to view more information about the piece.

Many of the pieces shown in the online portfolio have already been sold but if you would like to buy a piece of Yvonne's work online there is a selection availabe for purchase in the online shop.





If you would like to find the nearest place to see items by Yvonne Arlott then please see the list of events Yvonne will be attending and galleries her work is at.

Commission Work

Although Yvonne loves the freedom and expression of making an artistic creation from her imagination and the inspiration she finds all around her she also takes on a variety of commission work. Please see commissions to find out more about some of the commissions the artist has undertaken.


Yvonne at Work

Yvonne Woodturning
Yvonne giving a demostration at a workshop


Woodturning Video

Woodturning DVD

The Woodturning DVD called Lacework Techniques with Yvonne Arlott continues to sell all round the world.


Internationally Known Woodturner