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Released a new woodturning DVD called Lacework Techniques with Yvonne Arlott.

Finished a new Lacework Sea Life Vase with various designs carved on it including a turtle.

Completed a new piece, Release - Dragon Sculpture, which incorporates a carved dragon.

Completed Oriental Bowl.

Woodturning DVD cover

New woodturning DVD released

Over time Yvonne has received numerous requests for information on how she does the lacework technique so often featured in her more intricate work. This DVD has been released providing information on this exact subject by guiding the viewer through 4 individual projects, of which 3 incorporate the lacework technique.

The projects covered are the turning of a thin bowl followed by a lacework bowl, a fish vase and the Sea Life Vase with the techniques shown including the turning, laying out of the designs and carving.

DVD now available in PAL or NTSC format

Yvonne with some of her woodturning

"when I made that first cut I was captivated"

In the autumn of 1999 Yvonne took her first cut through the rough dirty exterior of a piece of timber to reveal the beautiful grain underneath and was captivated.

It was at that moment that she decided to teach herself woodturning and make it her career. She taught herself using books, videos and a lot of trial and error!

"she explored as many styles of woodturning as possible"

Initially she explored as many styles of woodturning as possible with the aim of first learning to turn anything and then going on to develop new designs of her own.

At only 22 her standard and expertise were such that she was accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners supported by the Worshipful Company of Turners of London.

Oriental Bowl  Sculptural FormPursuing her real love she now concentrates mainly on artistic pieces.

These pieces are all hand crafted both on and off the lathe using a mixture of traditional carving tools, with modern electrical and pneumatic powered tools.

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