Yvonne Arlott

Woodturning Artist

Ornamental Egg

Ornamental Egg

This is based on the first ornamental egg I made but with some changes to try and create a more delicate and interesting piece. The first of these changes was to redesign the stem to an open barely twist and then smaller carved ebony leaves were added around the top of the egg. Smaller turned pieces have been added to the three small turned acrylic egg boxes inside.

The first of these boxes contains three small yew mushrooms set onto a piece of bark. The second has a forest of fir trees turned from hazel along with a tiny turned tree stump, again all set onto bark. The other small egg contains a blue wine bottle and two wine glasses, turned from acrylic, set onto a pink ivory tray. I think these tiny pieces of turning complement the whole piece well and create a new level of interest to the piece. The three acrylic eggs sit on an ebony platform that is fixed to the lower half of the egg. The main egg is turned from mountain laurel because it has a lovely creamy, almost egg colour to it. The two halves of the egg are hinged together. The base is also turned from mountain laurel, whilst the stem and finial is turned from ebony.


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